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Vaping Abatement for Youth

2019 Student Led Conference



Dangers of Vaping PowerPoint (English).pptx (PPTX)
Dangers of Vaping PowerPoint (Spanish).pptx (PPTX)
Flavors Hook Kids  (PDF)
E-Cigs Shaped Like USB  (PDF)
E-Cigs Con Forma USB (Spanish)  (PDF)
Electronic Cigarettes Conclusion  (PDF)
Cigarrillos Electronicos Conclusion (Spanish) (PDF)
Conozca los Riesgos (Spanish) (PDF)

School Staff 

Dangers of Vaping PowerPoint (PPTX)
SchoolToolkitVaping (PDF)
That USB Stick Might be an E-Cigarette  (PDF)
Risks of E-Cigs & Vape Pens  (PDF)
Youth Vaping Risks (PDF)
E-Cigarettes, What Schools Should Know (PDF)
E-Cigarette Truth Initiative (PDF)

Vaping AwarEness Videos


Danger of Vaping PowerPoint.pptx (PPTX)
Dont Go #Squadless  (JPG)
Quitting Smoking (PDF)

Quit Support

Advocates for healthy Choices Student Videos

Canoga Park Senior High School

Garfield Senior High School

Roybal Learning Center



Vaping Resources Contact Information

Beyond the Bell:

Maya Rosas, Coordinator

[email protected]

(213) 241-7900