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Expanded Learning Programs Overview

Beyond the Bell (BTB) provides expanded learning programs that focus on developing students’ academic, social-emotional, physical needs and interests through meaningful learning experiences. Expanded learning programs are an essential part of a student’s education, engaging them in activities that spark their curiosity and creativity. The programs offer hands-on learning experiences that prepare students for college, career, and life.


Expanded learning programs may include a before school, after school, summer, or intersession program. Specific expanded learning program offerings may vary from site to site. All expanded learning programs offered through Beyond the Bell are free of charge.


If you are interested in applying to work in a before or after school program, as a part-time District employee, please fill out the Google form - BTB Part-Time Job Interest Form and upload the completed BTB-Part-Time Employment Application to the job interest form. 

Below you will find detailed information about the various units in Beyond the Bell. 


The Beyond the Bell Ready-Set-Go! (RSG) before-school program features exciting activities centered around weekly themes such as Math and Science. Students can benefit from dedicated staff, a mix of educational and enjoyable activities, and an emphasis on Social Emotional Learning. If you are enthusiastic about making a positive impact on children's lives, we invite you to be part of our team. The before school program begins 90 minutes prior to the start of the instructional day and is offered throughout the academic year.


Youth Development Program:

The Beyond the Bell Youth Development Program (YDP) offers Academic Assistance, Recreation, and Enrichment at elementary school sites to create a safe environment for students. The program includes tailored academic support, daily recreational activities, and enrichment sessions to promote learning, physical fitness, teamwork, creativity, and skill development.


Middle School Unit:

The Beyond the Bell Middle School Unit (MSU) provides meaningful and active learning experiences for students throughout LAUSD.  Our programs are designed to support the continuous improvement of our students' skills, abilities and knowledge that will help prepare them for life and beyond.  Through a safe, fun and supportive environment our Middle School coaches provide mentorship, guidance and positive pathways for students to thrive while also gaining valuable work & life experiences in the field of expanded learning. 


Elementary School Unit:

The Beyond the Bell Elementary School Unit (ESU) offers the Youth Services program and supports the elementary comprehensive programs in partnership with community based organizations. The after school programs are designed to support positive youth development and promote social-emotional wellness  through various sports and enrichment activities.



LA’s BEST offers a nutritious meal and the opportunity to students to participate in a wide array of enrichment activities. In collaboration with students, staff develop these activities to reflect students’ voice and choice. Programming includes: science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the arts, literacy, sports, nutrition and so much more. Social-emotional learning — helping students gain confidence, show empathy and develop positive relationships — are at the core of every activity.

Visit the LA’s BEST website for more information -


High School Unit:

The After School Senior High School Program ensures every student in grades 9th-12th receives a nutritious meal. In partnership with Community Based Organizations, the High School Unit (HSU) offers various services and opportunities designed to support academic achievement and enrichment, promote social-emotional wellness, and foster positive youth development. Students in senior high school receive academic support and engage in reading, science, technology, engineering and math activities. Additionally, various sports, physical fitness and visual and performing arts activities are offered. High school program end times will vary depending on the dismissal time of each respective school.