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All District Honor Marching Band

The All District Honor Marching Band has been representing the LAUSD in the Tournament of Roses Parade for over 40 years. The 350 member brass and percussion ensemble was created to give all LAUSD students, not just one school, the opportunity to perform on a global stage. The group has also performed at many other high profile events such as the Super Bowl, the World Series, various Inaugurations, the Olympic Ceremonies and the Coca-Cola Centennial Celebration.

 Musicians, Drum Majors, Dancers and Flag Carriers are invited each year to form the ensemble. Participants dedicate over 150 hours and their entire winter break to practice and condition themselves for the 6 ½ mile parade view by millions all over the world.

 During the “All City” season, students are given specialized instruction to teach and improve their music theory, musicianship and instrumental techniques. With a staff of highly qualified music teachers, instructors and professionals, students are not only given a quality music education, they are given an experience that will last a lifetime.

Rose Parade Practice 2019